Who is Acuatrop?
Acuatrop is the artist personality chosen by international composer Michael Kapoulas to represent his electronic, EDM, and other electro-acoustic experimental music projects.
His past work spans a wide, diverse area in the international music landscape and includes songwriting, music for the theater and modern dance, media and advertising, soundtracks, and classical concert music.
Awards include one gold and two platinum records in his native country of Greece, while his media music appears on several international broadcasting networks including NBC, CNN, ESPN, CBS, ABC, PBS, BBC, TF1, Canal +, National Geographic and others.
His work with modern dance choreographers has gained international notoriety with the Sharir Dance Company, the Tallulah Dance Company, The Frankfurt Ballet, and Sharir/Bustamante Danceworks, while his concert music has attracted attention for its freshness and originality.
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